Heart Song Oaxaca

ft. Aguamiel, January 2-6, 2024

Please join us for the next Heart Song retreat in collaboration with Aguamiel in Oaxaca, Mexico. This will be an incredibly unique experience. We will be weaving our breath journeys in with sensorial offerings and ancestral rituals of wisdom keepers Gerardo Aguilar and Kristen Leahy (aka Leahy), founders of Aguamiel.

Aguamiel seeks to interweave and connect humans utilizing the universal languages of food, ceremony, dance, art, and connection with Mother Earth and her medicine. Our retreat will culminate with a ceremonial feast by Chef Gerardo Aguilar, cooked over an open fire. For all of their offerings, they invoke the universal ancient language of ceremony to imbue our acts with importance, to make them sacred. To practice gratitude. To give something back, in return for all of the gifts we have received.

“We gather in a circle. We light the sacred fire. We ask permission. We honor and invoke the five elements and the seven directions. We speak from our hearts. We give thanks. We weave a web. We strengthen our connection to the divine and to one another. We connect with intention. For all of our relations.”

Children are welcome



Heart Song Orcas, Washington
July 2023

Heart Song Mallorca, Spain
June 2022

This retreat surpassed my wildest expectations. From the brilliant facilitation, the safety of the container, the sweetness of the community, the potency of the breathwork, to the absolutely gourmet farm to table cuisine, this retreat left me feeling uplifted, transformed, and with a new collection of beautiful friendships. Highly recommended.”

— Serge Bandura (Earthtones, Shivakali Yoga, Light + Space)

“Heart Song Retreat was a magical, heart-opening and expansive experience for me. Carly led the retreat with humor, wisdom, sensitivity, and generosity. Her curiosity, passion, openness, presence, and creativity were infectious. She was kind, encouraging, and deeply insightful, holding space for each of our individual needs and always taking time to check in and connect one-on-one. I especially loved the return to ancient rituals of connection, like song circles, tea ceremonies, and ecstatic dance— it was such a joy to share conscious space with others in this way after a long and difficult year of isolation! We laughed, and cried, and sang, and breathed, and danced— and I felt safe, held, and uplifted throughout. There was a perfect balance between structured group activities and free time to rest, journal, read, integrate, and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings. Vanessa’s organic vegetarian meals were truly delicious — they somehow seemed to get better with each passing day! I left the retreat feeling deeply nourished and inspired. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough to anyone who feels called!”

— Annabel

“This retreat was a game changer. I came into it knowing my resistance to, and dislike of, breathwork. I also knew the power of the practice. And I’m so happy that I went. I can now say that I accept and even enjoy breathwork (with Carly Jo)! She is a gem and truly special in the way she creates a space for everyone to BE who they are and express themselves as they are. This is more than just breathwork though; there were both thoughtfully curated and impromptu activities that made this a truly special experience. Words can’t do the retreat justice … you must attend to experience the work, community, incredible food, and utterly magical location. Just go!!”

— Ada Pia