Community Equity

All of Infinite Crescendo is built on partnerships and community; on the mutually arrived-upon notion that at our essence we are one. Acting on that oneness equals expanding that oneness. It means taking care of each other; using what resources we have to fill ourselves and each other up. This applies indirectly to all of us, listening and breathing and being together in our separate and collective journeys, and it applies to the artists, thinkers, healers, and musicians we are in direct collaboration with. It applies, that is, to the way we do business.

We are fortunate enough to have within our community several Indigenous musicians and guides who recognize the deep healing potential of extending their songs and prayers to a wider community. So along with original music, traditional Western hymns, channeled incantations, and more, you will sometimes receive ancient prayers and songs directly from those healers and wisdom holders. When you do, please know that the awakening, enlightening gift of those words, tones, chants, and melodies is being generously offered by those tribal and communal members who have the right to do so. And please know that take very seriously the responsibility and opportunity to enact meaningful reciprocity and exchange for those gifts. That exchange includes awareness, support, and allyship in their ongoing cultural and material needs, and it means concrete resource- and fund-shifting.  

We are deeply committed to all of our partnerships and friendships; ultimately, what this community shares is a devotion to protecting our home planet and beyond, and to sharing the vibration of love that can heal all divides. With breath, stories, prayers, and songs both ancient and newly brought forward,  we hope to create and deepen into a widening circle that cares for all and is cared for by all.