When Colorado-born singer-songwriter Josephine Foster woke up one morning to a cascade of pain that unfolded into a persistent clatter of ringing and other noises in her ears, she eventually felt “possessed, like with a demon.” Playing and making music was out of the question, although she found she was able to hum and chant and create vibrational sounding. Through her healing journey, which is generously shared here, she was unable to tour—unable, really, to connect to the gift of music—the very thing that makes her feel most alive. But she found the opportunity in that, and began connecting with other aspects of herself and humanity as a whole.

Gracefully bridging genres from psych-rock to Spanish folk, and for applying her mesmerizing mezzo-soprano voice to poems by Emily Dickinson as well as her own self-produced solo and full-band offerings, Josephine is a singular interpreter of sound and soul.